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My wife and I do just about everything together. We each have interests that the other doesn’t share and that’s perfectly fine, and even considered to be healthy. There’s one thing that I really enjoy though that I wish I could get her on board with, and that’s porn. I’ve always been an avid viewer. Her, not so much. I set out on a mission to find female friendly porn sites that I thought she would be willing to give a try. That’s when I found out I could save 58% with a discount to Girls Out West. This is a site that I knew she’d be able to get behind.

Girls Out West features Aussie amateur girls that are beautiful just as they are. You won’t find chicks with a ton of makeup or enhancements. These ladies are naturally gorgeous and even their flaws are celebrated. All of the action you find here is completely authentic. The performers aren’t given scripts or told what to do. They just go with whatever feels natural, and the results are amazing. The couples you see are real-life couples, so the passion is legit and not forced, or staged in any way.

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